Eva Prowse ventures in folk, indie, alt-pop, and childhood dreamscapes by way of her lush violins, pure vocals, crooked guitars and uncool synth samples.

Best known for performing with NZ super-group Fly My Pretties, performing at the Byron Bay Blues Fest and featuring on their two live albums – 2009’s A Story and 2011’s Fly My Pretties IV, Eva has supported legendary American singer, Wanda Jackson, sung for the Royal NZ Ballet and played violin on the 2009 Tui award winning album Trouble on the Waterfront, as well as performing to over 2,500 people at ASB Gardens Magic Summer Series in Wellington.

Her 2010 debut album I Can’t Keep Secrets, produced by Samuel Flynn Scott (The Phoenix Foundation), meanders delicately through ten tracks of folk, layered on a foundation of melodic pop sensibilities.

While in London in 2012, Eva wrote and recorded Crazy Eyes EP with fellow NZ Musician Henry Marks (Mon Ami), for their electro-pop project H & EVA, which would serve as the foundation for Eva’s love of MIDI.

Back in Wellington, Eva has completed her sophomore album Humid Nights, released on 26 August 2016.

Humid Nights is a MIDI-pop album inspired by the awkwardness of life and music software, growing up in the 80s, 90s and today, drunken fights in hot countries, small towns and big cities, bad decisions and The Spice Girls.

Praise for Humid Nights:

“with a voice that soars between Kate Bush kookiness and a rich, melodious pop-soulfulness…”
“Truly universal and international – and utterly enjoyable”

James Belfield, The Listener

“In a musical community as small as New Zealand’s we need people who dare to be different and Humid Nights is an album that stands out from the crowd.”

“Humid Nights should be added to your playlist as each listen throws something new at you. It is a collection of songs to be explored time and time again. Eva is a talent that will keep delivering if she keeps forging her own path with songs like these.”
Paul Goddard, muzic.net.nz

“The sound of synth beds give this a widescreen effect (which doesn’t detract from the intimacy of gentle songs like My Lover) and sometimes pushes it towards the dance-pop end of the spectrum (the teen angst of The Wannabe nodding to the Spice Girls’ empowerment).”
“There’s a quirky quality to Prowse’s singing where her often high and airy tone sits appealingly askew in the context of the programmed pop surrounding it (Undercover).”
Graham Reid, elsewhere.co.nz

Praise for I Can’t Keep Secrets:

“This is a debut with everything in place and all Prowse has to do is deliver, which she seems to do effortlessly in assured songwriting and vocals which sit in an area between alt.folk and gentle indie.pop-rock coloured by her evocative violin, some keening guitar work and mandolin, saw, piano…”
Graham Reid, elsewhere.co.nz (Best of ELSEWHERE 2010). See full review here

“Prowse is a multi-faceted artist who effortlessly conveys a sweet mixture of pure emotion and clever songs in this most insightful way.”
muzic.net.nz. See full review here

“…amongst other instrumental elements, another sonic crown in Eva’s musical form is her richly-toned violin playing.”
Martyn Pepperell, Fishhead Magazine (4/5 stars)

“The production is lush, musicians on form, songs polished and Prowse sounds very comfortable in her centre-stage role as solo artist.”
NZ Musician Magazine. See full review here

“Her songs offer a distinct geography of matters of the heart, with lyrics universal yet tangibly specific – a mark of great songwriting.”
Stephen Allely, Groove Guide. See full review here